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Sunday, March 07, 2010 ()
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The thought of the day:-

The word "Anger"

Personally I have a problem controlling my anger especially when it is an argument with my mother. Every single time she scolds me for doing something, I will always find that her scoldings are nonsensical and totally unreasonable. At almost anytime, I can feel my 'inner demon' trying to burst out and take over my body. I had tired to find ways of controlling my anger. So ways consist of:-

1) Counting 1 to 10
2) Taking slow and deep breathe
3) Control, control and control - Dun speak, Dun open my mouth
4) Try to occupy myself in something else.

This is what I would normally do in order to avoid confronting my mother about her nonsensical scoldings. Some of her scolding is due to the fact that she herself did not provide clear information or instructions to complete the job. An example would be that she told my sister to 'unplug' the silicon tube by cutting off the 'extra' part that is poking out from the tube. Base common action and thoughts, one would just cut off the whole 'extra' part. But in actual fact, you have to just remove a small part of the 'extra' part so that an extra cone can be screwed to it, so that the silicone can flow out in a more streamline shape. What my sister did was to cut of the whole 'extra' part. Thus result in a freaking & nonsensical scolding from my mom.

To me that scolding was super nonsensical. If she wanted something to be done right, she should not assume that we know everything, she should have just told us clearly, how much to cut and not to cut. I choose to use method 3 to avoid any argument. She just kept ranting and ranting. I spoke to someone with regards to my form of anger. He told me that what is the point of being angry? Do you benefit for any form of anger or argument. Is there really no point of being angry? Why do we get angry? Do we benefit from getting angry? Why do we get angry?

I wonder that when we get angry and why do we argue? I believe that everyone of us live in a society of known as a culture of pluralism, where everyone are different and has a different set of beliefs and values. We have conflict so as to fight for what we think is right. We put our needs up front and we choose to fight for these needs. Is that being selfish? Does selfishness led to conflict causing anger? If that is the cause... should we be less selfish?

Will there be other ways to control anger? What cause us to be so angry? Can we not be angry?

Angry? Think again...

Friday, March 05, 2010 ()
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The thought of the day:-

The word "Questioning"

Over the week, I am being questioned by someone, and my 'internal demons'. I went through interviews for an internship. Questions are fired at me like a machine gun, and I have to 'block', 'avoid' or get shot right in the forehead. I sometimes find that interview questions are difficult to answer. After interviews, I review the questions and and my answers.

'Is there a much better way to answer?'
'Why did I answer in that way?'
'I should not have answer it that way'
'Omg I will not be able to get the job'
'There will be much better people out there with education from NUS, NTU or even great interest or knowledge than me'
'Omg I am not the only one, there is another girl, she is pretty and slim and does not sweat like a pig - like me'

Seriously, this is a series of thoughts that boils and drills deep down into my brain. I sometime wonder am I really that bad? Is my self confidence and esteem really that low? I sometimes think that I need a 'shrink'. I need someone to really guide me into speaking up and sharing my thoughts with. Others will say, speak to your parent. However, in my family my family 'Chinese' culture, it is somehow impossible. My mom will just keep criticizing me about my fats, my face, my whole body. This form of criticizing and sometimes a light slap on my face seems to be her way of getting me to change my ways but I once again question myself, why, after all this negative actions and words why I don't change. My internal demon told me that 'Your mom is crazy, that is not the way to push you!' I straight away toss myself into the arms of my beloved 'internal demon'.

This led to me questioning myself again. When I look at others, staring at their clothes and mine - with the buttons almost going to pop out. I tuck my hands across it trying to hide it. 'Maybe I should got for breast reduction' - 'Maybe I should go get new clothes?' - 'Maybe I should slim down?' When I am been questioned,I don't know why I cant answer them. Could it be that 'YES' I can answer them but it is too painful or I being too lazy. Cos the outcome of my decision maybe to get on diet or to buy clothes which is either me being lazy or money-less. Sometime decision makes me question myself again, if I were to get clothes, 'How am I going to get more clothes', 'Wont it be expensive?', 'Maybe I slim down I can wear', So if I slim down, then the bigger size clothes will not be suitable', 'Or should I slim down?'
If I were to choose to slim down, I will be asking myself more questions again, 'Where do I start?', ' How should I start?', 'Will I be able to succeed in it.', 'Will it damage my knees?' Are this questions a way to help us decide or a form of excuse?

Is questioning one self or being questioned which leads to questioning oneself a good thing? Will it cos us to be spinning in circles and not do anything? Will we ever get started? Will we be able to settle on one decision? What will drive us towards a goal, criticism, encouragement, guidance or influence? There are also many sub forms of criticism, encouragement, guidance and influence, which will be more effective? How does one identify and connect themselves with?

Why question?

Sunday, July 27, 2008 ()
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The SEME or UKE Quiz

You scored as a The Devilish UKE

You are by far the toughest UKE out there and possibly the most insane. Most people call you a smart-ass or a jerk but just because you get them mad at you doesn't mean you want to hurt them. There is something inside of you that hates to hurt people but the excitement is just too good to waste. Some think you're funny and others think you don't know when to quit but then again you don't really give a damn. You are a fan of comedy and comedians but only because they have the same mind that you do and they speak it so easily. If you are such a person then congratulations, the stinging whip of a Homicidal SEME may do you some good and teach you a lesson.. or make you want the punishment even more, whichever works best. Most SEME can't handle you so it's best to not scare them half to death. Most of any other UKE would befriend you in an instant if you would stop pulling tricks on them. To wrap up your description I sha'll say that you can handle anything. Any kink, and position, any ANYTHING. All you really care about is getting the punishment - some may call it masochism but you just call it heaven.
The Devilish UKE
The Breaker SEME
The Sorrowful UKE
The Optimistic UKE
The Gentle SEME
The Homicidal SEME

LOLX! When and took a quiz on SEME and UKE... feeling shy now... lolx

About my life nowadays, just one word to say... it SUCKS! I hate my grp people, omg!HATES!!!!!


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